I cannot love azaleas.

I resent their departure too much.

They burst out in beauty

Brilliant hues of red

Knowing full well they have no plans to stay.

How deceitfully alluring of them

To show forth so suddenly and then withdraw that way.

How rude?

They come purple.

All bold and shocking

Bringing a squinting smile to my eyes

And an audible “awe” to my lips

Just springing up all over

In clusters, and bunches, and patches

Right beside their siblings of red and white.

Then gone without so much as a note.

How perfidious?

To lure my adoration.

To appear even over my head in a tree,

Just like that fickle Dogwood

Lulling me into happy

With its fleeting flashes of loveliness

Mockingly singing, “I’m here for you. See me announcing the Spring?”

Then gone.



About rhonda waller

I'm a writer. I'm a retired Air Force sergeant. When I'm not at my leisure, I'm training. I do all types of Human Capital training and I'm very good at it, because I love it. It's a blessing to do what you love. There's nothing like helping people improve themselves; helping them to hone their talents, skills, and abilities. I always end up learning as much as my students, because everyone brings something to the table. I enjoy reading, writing, music, movies, friends and life.
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