The Hardest Working Man in Show Business


Man! I miss you so much Godfather. After all these years I just within the past 3 years before you died got to where I could understand a word you said when you weren’t singing.

But you were still the baddest cat ever.   You really did invent “Soul Power.”                                           

                                  What we need

                                                   Soul Power

What we want

Soul Power

What we missin’

Soul Power

We gots ‘ta have it

Soul Power

Master Conductor. Did people realize the magic that made us get up and dance? Yeah, we did.                                   We couldn’t help it.                                                                                                                                         We had to dance.                                                                                                                                           We still can’t help it.                                                                                                                                  Still gotta dance.  

Some kind of magic that you put on it. When you said “One time” and your boys went “BAM”.                                We put our hands up and shook it. You were the first one to say “Shake your money-maker” talking about my hips and my booty.

“Everybody over there…get on up!”

And we all got up. And we danced and sweated out our clothes and our hair.

There’s no one like you. No substitutes. There are only Michael Jacksons and Terrence Trent Darbys and Wannabees. It’s okay though. It’s inevitable that greatness is copied and mimicked and envied. But it’s so sad for us because there wont ever be another you.

Every time I hear you say…

“Hot Pants make you sure of yourself.

You walk like you got the only lovin’ left.”

…it reminds me to stand up straight, arch my back, and walk with my hips forward like I’m strong and proud…like I got the “only lovin’ left” whether I’m wearing hot pants or not.

I love you Soul Brother Number One. I will always give you your props.

When you tell Fred’nem you need to get in “D” I’m gonna hold my breath till you take them higher and get in “D”. Because I know very well that “in order for you to git down you got’ ta git in “D”.



About rhonda waller

I'm a writer. I'm a retired Air Force sergeant. When I'm not at my leisure, I'm training. I do all types of Human Capital training and I'm very good at it, because I love it. It's a blessing to do what you love. There's nothing like helping people improve themselves; helping them to hone their talents, skills, and abilities. I always end up learning as much as my students, because everyone brings something to the table. I enjoy reading, writing, music, movies, friends and life.
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