O’ to be named, one day, among the greatest short story writers of our time.  Alot of my writing is odd, but sometimes there is a message therein.  For instance in Translation there is a subliminal slap on the hand for people who feel superior to immigrants.

Some of my stories are  silly, some sexy, some scary.  Some are true stories and some are so ridiculous, you know they couldn’t possibly be true.  But, careful now, you never know.

Ambrose Bierce is one of my very favorite short story writers.  He is absolutely hilarious and ridiculous.  Read his story Oil of Dog and you’ll see what I mean.  He is the one who’s given me license (and courage) to publish some of my darker pieces.

If you read a story here that you like, share it, and then share it,  and then share it again.   Girls just wanna have fun, and writers just wanna be read.

To all my encouragers…

Do you know how valuable you are?

When someone does what’s in their heart to do; sing, draw, write, dance, create in any way — to have someone encourage you is so sweet and warm to the soul.

It’s like Samson putting his head in your lap and you slowly, purposefully running a brush over his scalp and through his raven-black curls; until carefully pulling it all together in back, you wrap it with a strong leather band and gathering the thick mass of ringleted strands — you plait it and lock it.

Now he’s ready to fight.


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  1. MTJames says:

    Thanks, Rhonda, for following TWDB. I hope you will enjoy each visit. Regrettably, you will find little new content, as my muse seems to be enjoying a vacation.


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